About The Handaid Glove

Did you know that the average cost for a basic Dental re-alignment is over $8,000 and that cost is expected to at least double in the next 10 years.

Every Handaid Glove is made in the US w/FREE 1st class shipping worldwide (additional Express Shipping Options available at Checkout). Most importantly, The Handaid Glove has a proven 99% success rate.* NO OTHER PRODUCT CAN SAY THAT.

Our patented Behavioral Aversion Strip keeps your child’s thumb and/or fingers out of and away from their mouth. The Handaid Glove has a patented Childproof/Child-safe closure to keep it snug on their wrist while still allowing full use and motion of their hand. These are just some of the reasons why 98% of all Handaid Glove orders are referrals from Pediatric Dentists, Pediatricians and satisfied customers.

Every Handaid Glove is custom-made to the size of your child’s hand and to their unique thumb/finger sucking habit with a custom design for all ages 6 months thru adult sizes. The Handaid Glove has a comfortable fit without causing any pain or irritation to your child.

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“Clara has had great success quitting thumb-sucking with the use of the Handaid Glove. She is still wearing them 24/7 and is on week 4.”

“Handaid Glove is the Ferrari of products that works most conveniently and reliably.” -
Eltern Podcast Review

“7 Reasons Why Handaid is the Best.” - Braggingmommy.com Handaid Review

Our Guarantee to you...

"We guarantee your child will not be able to suck their thumb (Thumb Handaid Glove) or fingers (Finger or Combo Handaid Glove) with the Handaid Glove on, so they can lose their habit or your money back"*

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