Design And Features

Patented Behavioral
Aversion Strip

Our Behavioral Aversion Strip keeps the thumb/fingers out and away from the mouth. your child attempts to put their thumb or fingers into their mouth while wearing any Handaid, the Behavioral Aversion Strip stimulates the chin or lower lip. This prompts an unnatural feeling for your child, causing them to pull their thumb out of and away from their mouth. The Handaid Glove is engineered to keep the thumb or fingers away from the mouth.  This prevents exposure to harmful bacteria and germs that other products made from plastics will allow. By keeping your child’s thumb or fingers out of their mouth, we break both the physical and emotional cycle of thumb sucking.


The Handaid Glove has a patented child-proof closure system that prevents your child from removing the Handaid Glove on their own.   Since the Handaid Glove cannot be removed by the child, they will quickly lose interest in their habit.

Safe, Comfortable, & Durable

We use a soft, extremely flexible, and breathable material that is both durable and safe for your child. The Handaid Glove is comfortably worn day and night which speeds up the therapeutic process. The Handaid Glove has no sharp edges and contains no plastic which is now known to trap germs & bacteria on top of the skin (Staph Infection).

Custom Made To The Size Of
Any Hand, For Any Age.

From toddler to adult, the Handaid Glove is custom made to the size of any hand and can be modified to address your child’s individual, unique habit. A simple scan or photo of the hand is all we need.

The Handaid Glove does not impede the use of your child's hand.

With most other devices, your child may lose the use of their thumb, and in many cases, the entire hand making it an intrusion that is very difficult for your child to adjust to. The Handaid Glove has always been designed to be as flexible as your child’s hand.