The Handaid Glove Guarantee

Our Guarantee to you...
"We guarantee your child will not be able to suck their thumb (Handaid Thumb Glove) or fingers (Handaid Finger or Combo Gloves) with the Handaid Glove on, so they can lose their habit or your money back" *

Return and Refund Policy

*You will know within a very short time if your child is able to suck their thumb/fingers with the Handaid Glove on. Any request for a refund must be made within 30 days of receiving your Handaid Glove order (If you start the process later within the 30 days, PLEASE let us know so we can adjust the Guarantee timeframe). Due to a much larger number of refund requests, products like T-Guard and Nip-It charge you a  restock/processing fee when you return their products for a refund. Handaid will NEVER charge you any kind of a restock fee when you return our products for any reason. For hygienic reasons, Handaid would never  restock, repackage, or resell a product that is returned to us.
*Our Handaid Guarantee does not cover any damage done to the Handaid Glove by the child while trying to remove it.

*When requesting a refund within 30 days, we reserve the right to solve whatever problems you may be having with the Handaid Glove. If we can not solve your problem, you will receive a full refund after returning your order. Refund will transpire within 72 hours of receiving the product back and applied to the credit/debit account used when purchasing.

Shipping Policy

*Every Handaid Glove is shipped FREE with 1st Class shipping Worldwide.  Additional Express Shipping options are available at Checkout.  Most US orders arrive within 3-5 business days. International orders usually arrive  in the destination country within 7-10 days. Customs processing extends that delivery time and is beyond our control.

All Handaid Glove orders go into production once we have received the scan(s) of your child's hand.  Once we receive this needed step, your Handaid order should be made within 48 hours. You will receive email updates throughout the whole process from approval of your Scans to the Shipping tracking number information.